We recognise that men and women sometimes grieve differently, and that fathers can benefit from talking to each other about the grief and confusion they may be feeling after their baby has died.

Our Father's Support Line gives you an opportunity to do just that - to talk to another dad who has been where you are right now.

Whether you're a bereaved father or grandfather looking for support, or another family member who would like to better understand the grief experience from a male perspective, our male volunteer parent supporters can help.

Support for dads is available by appointment. Our parent supporters can speak with you by phone or email - whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Please email [email protected] to request an appointment.

We also run a monthly online support group for dads on the first Wednesday evening of the month from 7pm. A support group facilitator leads discussion amongst a small group of attendees. Dads are invited to share their experiences, but many also choose to just listen, gaining comfort from knowing they are not alone.

To join our online group, please email [email protected] and you'll be sent instructions and a link to join the group on the night.

Our fact sheet, A Father's Grief, is a helpful resource for newly bereaved dads as well as those caring for them.