Each year in Australia 1,724 babies are stillborn, 700 die in the days or weeks after birth and it is estimated a further 103,688 pregnancies are lost to miscarriage. The death of a baby is an intensely painful and isolating experience. Our goal is to ensure that no bereaved parent feels alone after the death of a baby by providing trusted information and emotional support for bereaved parents by bereaved parents.

The death of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or newborn death is a life-altering experience whose shockwaves reverberate amongst the many communities that intersect with family life – entire neighbourhoods, schools, workplaces are affected by this tragedy. When bereaved families have their grief acknowledged and are provided with empathy and support, they are able to better cope with the challenges of adjusting to life without their baby. With 1 in 6 Australian women experiencing pregnancy or infant loss, the potential to positively impact the difficult journey thousands of women face by providing bereavement support and resources is significant.